VINCI Misr Italia Group New Administrative Capital Egypt

VINCI Misr Italia Group New Administrative Capital Egypt

VINCI Misr Italia VINCI New Capital Misr Italia Properties is launching now its latest inspiration VINCI in the new capital .. with its Iconic villas, Twin Houses and Town Houses Hurry and Register you place now ! Luxury I Boutique I Living. After IL Bosco Luxury Boutique Living VINCI New Capital Diplomatic Area VINCI Second Project (Misr Italia Group) At New Capital Misr Italia New Capital Architecture design: Tel : 01007786800  –  01066855502 After our outstanding success in IL BOSCO, New Capital, we are finally glad to announce our latest New Capital project addition, VINCI, Misr Italia Properties’ newest luxury boutique compound, located in the residential district of the Diplomatic area. VINCI is a one of a kind residential experience, with a boutique lifestyle, a ...

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La Nuova Vista Misr Italia Properties Villas Compound

IL BOSCO Misr Italia Group In New Capital Egypt

Italian-Square 6 October

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